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As a general rule the home should be vacuumed, organized, and ready to show when the photographer arrives. It is not the responsibility of the photographer to rearrange or clean.



  • Remove cars from driveway

  • Remove garbage cans and debris in the front and back yard.

  • Prepare landscaping around home (grass cut, plants trimmed, remove leaves, remove snow from the driveway/walkways)

  • Remove seasonal decorations/stage outdoor furniture (Uncover grills, open patio umbrellas, uncover pool/hot tub/spa)



  • Clear countertops (limit 3 items on counter top)

  • Clean fridge and remove personal items (magnets, pictures, calendars, etc)

  • Remove cleaning supplies and towels 


Living Areas & Bathroom

  • Turn on all lights (Replace all burned out light bulbs and ensure they are the same color)

  • Turn off all tv and fireplaces

  • Open all blinds, shades, and curtains

  • Turn off all fans

  • Clear off all tables

  • Hide all remotes, laptops, and other small electronics

  • Remove all pet items

  • Clean, fluff, arrange pillows, and make all beds 

  • Remove/minimize family photos

  • Hide all garbage cans/laundry hampers

  • Declutter any areas with many items (Toys, clothing, dishes, towels, shoes, etc.)

  • Put out fresh towels

  • Close toilet lids

  • Limit bathroom countertop to 2 items or less and no personal items

  • Remove all shampoos, conditioners, body-washes, etc. from shower


For any questions, please do not hesitate to call/text (224) 716-0914 or email ( )

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